Saturday, 1 May 2010

Day 25 - the aftermath

So, I had my 5 bean chilli, and VERY tasty it was too! Yum yum! Unfortunately, due to the varied times that folk were arriving, we didn't order our meals until everyone had turned up (2 hours after we arrived!). The birthday boy (man?) ordered 2 plates of nachos though. Argh! I *LOVE* nachos! And by this point I was actually *starving*. Yeah, ok I had a few of them. Not loads, just a couple and I avoided the cheese. Had about 1tsp of sour cream & guacamole to keep me going till my meal. So I managed to restrict myself quite well.

So today i've had:


Muller light

a few nachos - less than 28g (5 syns)
1 tsp sour cream (1.5 syns)
1 tsp Guacamole (1 syn)
5 bean chilli with rice and tortilla chips (4.5 syns)


2 slices of wholemeal toast (hexB)
42g reduced fat cheese (hexA)
1 vine tomato sliced
1 tbsp HP BBQ sauce (1 syn)

Total: 13 syns

Probably won't have anything else tonight, i'm quite tired and would like to go to my bed, but my bro in law is flying back from london so I said i'd pick him up from his girlfriend's house at 11pm since his dad and brother are both gigging tonight. I'm *THAT* nice!

haha, Might see if I can get a few mins of sleep before I need to go. *snooze*

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