Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Day 34

Yesterday was a good day! Work wasn't too bad, despite being on the late shift and not finishing till 5.30. Hubby's friend from america is over for a week or so, so last night we all trooped off to the pub, and had a great night! Thankfully, because i'm on the later shift, I didn't need to get up at the crack of dawn for work, so I'm not that tired today.

Anyway, the plan for the rest of the week is:
Wednesday - Curry night (OH NOES!)- I think i'm going to have to take a flexi syn day that day. I haven't had a curry for AGES, and having an eat all you like buffet in front of me with chasni and korma and garlic naan on it REALLY isn't going to let my willpower win. So i'll admit defeat just now, and move on!

Friday - "supper club" At our house - This is good as I get to cook the dinner and know what's in it! What's bad is that i've been told they'll only come if I make my sticky toffee pudding sundae. BUMMER! Still, it's weigh day, and if that's the only treat I have, and I use light skooshy cream for my own, and only use a teeny bit of cake, it'll limit the damage.... everything in moderation *nods*

So yeah, Yesterday's menu:


28g shredded wheat bitesize (HexB)
175ml skimmed milk (HexB)


SW quiche (0.5 syn for pasta n sauce, 0.5 HexA for cheese)
muller light


chicken stuffed with ex light soft cheese with garlic & herbes, wrapped in bacon, served on mashed potato & mixed veg (2 syns for cheese, 0.5 syn for 3 tbs skimmed milk in mash) - amaaaazing!
2 mini meringues (2 syns)
25g light skooshy cream (2 syns)
handful of raspberries

Jumbo BBQ snack a jack (2 syns)

total syns: 9

I actually can't get over just how YUMMY that chicken was for dinner! Who said diet food had to be tasteless!?!

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