Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Day 28 - The bad just got badder....

Yesterday was the most stressful day i've had since the day before my wedding. As a result, again, my eating went to shit. I did try to curb it as much as I could, and didn't go as far over as I thought I had, once I counted it all up.

On monday night, some cretins decided that it'd be MEGA LOLS to throw eggs at our neighbour's windows. These windows happen to be RIGHT ABOVE OUR DRIVEWAY. Yep, you guessed it, my car got the brunt of it. The eggs appeared to have bounced off the windows and onto my car. No one thought of coming to my door (I was in bed but not sleeping, although I didn't hear it happening) and tell me that my car had a nice coating of scrambled egg. Instead it was ignored until I went out to drive the car to work in the morning. I immediately knew what had happened, and looked up at her windows where my neighbour was standing, she KNEW it had happened, and KNEW i'd go out to my car at that time and just *shrugged* and said "it was a bunch of wee boys" - I didn't engage in a conversation cos I was, by this point, ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS. Had I *known* I could have made time before I had to go to work, or even gone to sleep last night, to go out and clean it. Instead, it was left to harden and start to corrode the paint. THANKS! I didn't have time to clean it at that point so I drove to work, explained my situation and took a half day in the afternoon. This meant that it was left for a further 4 hours until I could leave work. I cleverly thought to take some warm soapy water and a sponge down from the kitchen when I left at lunch time to clean off as much as I could. I then got a text from hubby's best mate suggesting that we should go to lunch to "calm me down" - he's a star. I popped round to his house (round the corner from my work), picked him up and went to the best car wash we know of. Then popped off to Ketchup. Oh BOY did I need that! I couldn't stomach eating anything other than jelly that morning, so I was hungry. By this point I knew my car would be *ok*, but hadn't had a chance to check the extent of the damage yet, so I was slightly more relaxed. We went back to his house and he (having every single possible car related item/product IN THE WORLD) buffed out the marks that were left on the paintwork. I owe him BIGTIME.

Last night I was too shattered to type all this so I just went to bed. This is what I ate:


S/F jelly + muller light (1.5 syns)
frozen strawberries & pineapple (so amazingly yummy!)

sweet potato wedges (approx 1 tbs olive oil used to cook - HexB)
1 tbs Sweet chilli sauce (1.5 syn)
chicken "arriba arriba burger" without the bun:
1 chicken
1 slice of cheese (hex A)
1 tbs guacamole (1.5 syns)

marshall's cheesey pasta
steam fresh brocolli, carrots, peas & corn

1 small pack Mikado (1/2 syn each x 20pk = 10 syns - oops!)
packet BBQ snack a jacks (5.5 syns)

Total syns: 20 syns

I'm now in damage limitation mode and made sure i'm only using 4 syns today, which means that i only need to save 5.5 syns tomorrow to even myself back up again after monday's attrocious splurge!

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