Monday, 10 May 2010

Day 33

Sunday was a bit of a "bleh" day. I didn't feel great and it took me a fair while to cheer up, but I got there in the end! We went for a wander around an antiques shop, which ended up quite fruitful for hubby's Broons/Oor Wullie collection! When we left there, because we hadn't had any breakfast, we were STARVING. We decided we'd go to a little cafe that does grilled breakfasts (they're AMAZING) and use low fat sausages etc. Unfortunately they'd closed by the time we got there :( so we went into the spar next door and the best they could offer was some cooked chicken legs! So we started driving home and popped into morrisons on the way. Oh my GOODNESS! Thank the lordy for the morrisons salad bar! It was filled with hard boiled eggs, dressing-less salad and oil-less pasta salads! Followed by a muller yog and some pineapple! We had a great picnick in the carpark!

So yesterday's food was slightly better than Saturdays!


Doesn't happen on a sunday.


2 hard boiled eggs
mozzerella (hexA)
Muller light


SW KFC chicken drummers (this was Fantastic! It was so much better than I ever thought it would be! let me know if you want the recipe!) (HexB for breadcrumbs)
sweet potato wedges
1 tbsp BBQ sauce (1 syn)
1 mini meringue (1 syn)
12.5g light skooshy cream (1 syn)
handful of frozen raspberries


Sugar free raspberry jelly and Muller light (1 syn)

Total Syns: 4

So made up for the splurge on Saturday! *phew*

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