Monday, 19 April 2010

Day 13 - not enough sleeeeep

Urgh! from the minute I woke up this morning, all I wanted to do was climb back into bed! The only thing that really made up for the tiredness was the fact the day went quite quickly, and also that I finished at 4.30. An hour makes SO much difference! My night has felt longer and now i'm ready for going to bed.

On the down side, my washing machine appears to not want to use the fabric conditioner that I feed it, instead it fills up the chamber with water and doesn't drain *sigh* Hopefully a new washing machine will be on the cards. this one's had a good innings, it was here when we moved in and i'm sure it was here before Alyson moved in too. We'll see!

Anyway, on to the menu of the day:

Day 13

Porridge (HexB)
175ml Skimmed milk (1/2 HexA)

lentil soup
sausage & egg sarnie ( 8.5 syns - tesco lunch as didn't do the shopping over the weekend!)

SW chilli

1 Sesame ryvita (part of HexB)
1 ex Light laughing cow (1 syn)
highlights hot chocolate (2 syns) + 175ml skimmed milk (1/2 HexA)

Total syns: 11.5

Serves me right for not getting the shopping over the weekend really! My weakness is a sausage & egg sammich :p

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