Monday, 26 April 2010

Day 19

I had a relatively lazy Sunday, yesterday. Got up around 1, showered and slowly (over 3 hours!) started getting ready to go out. We left at 5 to get to Tony Macaroni's at 5.30. I'd already decided what I was having off the menu:

parma ham, mozzerella & tomatoes
chilli king prawn linguini
lemon sorbet to share

It was soooooo yummy! (unfortunately my digestive system didn't agree, but nevermind!)

Once we left there we wandered up to the venue and found our space on the floor (mother and auntie found themselves a comfy couch with a good view of the stage!) Really enjoyed the gig. It wasn't too busy, I guess that was due to it being a Sunday night, but I preferred it, it was nice and intimate. It was really strange though, when we looked about, we spotted the DJ we had at the wedding in the crowd, the band were on stage, the best man & chief bridesmaid were in attendance, as was the mother of the bride, and chris & I.... it was like a wedding reunion! Quite surreal!

The gig finished at 10, we walked round to the car and by the time we got home it was 12.30. Hubby was up at 5am to go to the airport, which ofcourse woke me up, so i've had just over 4 hours sleep, and i'm feeeeeling it! Early night tonight I think!

Anyway, food for yesterday:




2 slices of wholemeal toast (no butter!) (HexB)
1 poached egg

parma ham, mozzerella & tomatoes (hexA + 1/2 for parma)
chilli king prawn linguini (a bit oily so about 6 syns)
lemon sorbet to share (don't think I had 100g, but i'll give it 5.5 syns anyway)

Total: 12 syns

Not too bad considering!

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