Thursday, 8 April 2010

Day 2

Today has dragged in! Mainly due to my mundane job being... well... mundane really! And when i'm bored, I want to eat, and convince myself that i'm starving. huh. Anyway, i've managed to stay within my 15 syns again today (12 - go me!) so far anyway....

I've got syn-free spag bol cooking away at the moment. I'm waiting for hubby to get home from work with a new tin opener (he broke our old one last week!) so I can put some chopped tomatoes in it, and i'm starting to get a bit peckish and a craving (TOTM) for chocolate. SO, I checked out what was in the fridge and lo and behold, there was a HEAVENLY vanilla mullerlight with chocolate sprinkles sitting there looking at me. I absolutely ADORE these yogurts, and they cure my chocolate craving! The fact they're syn-free just makes them bloody brilliant!! so i'm currently scoffing that :D

I'm actually enjoying following SW, it's a lot less restrictive than the other diets i've been on, i'm just hoping that it shows on the scales!

Which brings me on to my next topic! I've decided that Fridays will be my Weigh-in day, so tomorrow is my first official weigh-in, HOWEVER, since I only started yesterday, I used the weight I was last Friday (randomly weighed myself then) as my starting weight, but we're all too aware of how much of a wash-out the weekend was with chocolate, sooooooooooo I'm not really expecting a loss this week, if anything I expect to have gained. It won't bother me though, the WI i'm bothered about is next weeks. I'mm hoping for a decent loss for my first *proper* WI. That'd be nice....

I saw my old team leader today, and she's lost SO much weight! I can't get over it! Not sure how she's done it, but one of my colleagues said she just cut out all the fat from her diet. I suspect she's been using weight-loss drugs like Ali too, but we'll never know I guess. I just hope I'll have managed that soon!

Ok, so todays menu...

Day 2:

28g Oatso Simple (HEXB)
175g Skimmed Milk (0.5 HEXA)

Left over SW quiche from last night
2 chicken drumsticks
1tbsp Ex. Light Mayo (0.5 syns)
1 Cranberry & raspberry mullerlight yog

home made SW spaghetti bolognese
28g Red Fat cheddar (0.5 HEXA)

1 wotsits (5.5 syns)
1 tiny square of fudge (damn people bring in home baking!) (3 syns)
1 chocolate fudge alpen light bar (3 syns)
1 vanilla & chocolate mullerlight

3 glasses of water
2 cans diet coke

Total Syns: 12

So yeah! Until tomorrow's weigh in.....

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  1. You will prob have a gain with it being your TOTM as well. Dreaded STAR WEEK!! xxx