Sunday, 25 April 2010

Day 18 - part 2

So, after cutting the hedge, I moved round to the back garden to start on cutting back a couple of the conifers that were starting to take over the garden. Anyway, hubby, dearest, thought that he would make a WONDERFUL tree surgeon! It's easy, after all! You just need to cut the bits that are actually in the way.... This was the result:

My poor little tree! Oh well, i'm sure it'll look better by next year *sigh*

After that, I was talked into going round to our friends' house for dinner, except when we got there we found out that they weren't actually cooking, they were wanting an indian takeaway. BALLS! I *LOVE* indian food, but I just couldn't justify it, so I opted for a chinese instead. Que me sitting with my chicken in blackbean sauce with boiled rice watching them devour their curries and PESHWARI NAAN! Argh! I did have a poppadom with (a tsp of) mango chutney, so it wasn't too bad. I survived!

So here we go, my eating for yesterday:


erm... none, didn't wake up till 12!


2 slices of hovis wholemeal bread (HexB)
1 egg
2 Eat smart sausages... now, since eating them THINKING THEY WERE FREE! I have since found out that they're 1/2 a syn each! Blah! (1 syn)
1tsp light spread (1.5syns)


1 poppadom (4 syns)
1tsp mango chutney (2 syns)
Chicken in black bean sauce (5 syns)
boiled rice



Total syns: 13.5 - still within plan! Yas!

Exercise: Gardening

I'm really annoyed at the morrisons sausages not being free anymore! I bought 3 packets of them! How crap! *hmpf*

So today I've got the Quireboys gig (apparently our wedding got a mention on Rock radio this morning - mental!) and the YUMMYYYYY italian that's not going to break my syn-bank! Yas! Can't wait :D


  1. Well done you! You're doing so well sweetie :)

  2. I'd still count them as free tbh. They were free from the start when I started then then changed it. Bulllllshit.