Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Day 1

So, This is my blog to try to keep up with my eating whilst trying to follow Slimming World....

Today is Day 1:

40g Jordan's Muesli
150g pot of Yeo Valley Fat Free Natural Yog
100g drained tinned peach slices (2.5 syns)

1/2 packet of Tesco Value Tomato & onion pasta & sauce
2 chicken drumsticks
1tbsp Ex. Light Mayo (0.5 syns)
1 Cranberry & raspberry mullerlight yog

home made SW pea & runner bean quiche
home made SW coleslaw (with 1tbsp Ex. Light Mayo) (0.5 syns)

1 snack-size mars bar (4 syns)
1 16g time out (4.5 syns)
1 chocolate fudge alpen light bar (3 syns)

3 glasses of water
2 cans diet coke

Total Syns: 15

Looks like i'm not quite ready to kick the chocolate habit just yet! hehe, but i'm impressed that i've managed to stay within the plan (just).

I found that the muesli & yogurt thing really didn't fill me up at all, so i think i'll have porridge tomorrow instead. 42g of muesli is NOTHING. I was quite shocked!

Anyway, bring on tomorrow!

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