Friday, 16 April 2010

Day 9 -.... a day late!

I didn't sit down last night, so didn't get a chance to post my foodles, due to many things!

First, when I got in my car yesterday morning I noticed white bits on the carpet, I got down to take a closer look and it was MOULD! What the HELL!? I've only had the car since December! All I could put it down to was the fact that the dealership must have shampooed the carpets and left them wet, then because of the weather we've been having, it's not had a chance to dry out.... So I went into panic mode - HOW was I going to get this off AND dried? I put my sensible head on and googled getting rid of mould from a car and decided a vinegar solution was going to be my best bet.

When I got home, I filled up my bucket with vinegar and hot water and went to work, only to find that the ENTIRE CARPET under the drivers seat and HALF of the carpet under the passenget seat had a thick layer of mould!!! I couldn't understand it! And at times had a hard job to reach it, but eventually I got there! I rubbed the whole carpet down with this solution, then hoovered up anything that was lying on the carpet (thank the lordy for Dysons!) so now it's clean if a bit....vinegary! hehe. I'm hoping that it won't come back now, but i'll keep a close eye on it, and may even shampoo the carpet if we have a nice warm sunny day over the weekend!

Anyway, after I'd done that, I went over to my mother-in-law's and we discussed the finer points of Slimming World until the boys came home from the gym. Then at MIDNIGHT we came home via Asda where I picked up a cute little outfit for one of my friends' baby. Phew! busy! In between all that, I managed to make and eat the most delicious (and syn free!) Chicken Tikka Masala! Mmmmmmm! I'll maybe post the recipe tonight, it's SO simple!

So on with yesterdays food!

Day 9:

1 banana
1 Alpen light (0.5 HexB)
1 Caramel Snack a Jack Jumbo (2.5 syns)

Baked potato
3 Extra Light Laughing cow (0.5 HexB)
2 chicken drumsticks
Fruit salad

SW chicken tikka masala

1 slice wholemeal bread (0.5 HexB)
1 tbsp highlights (2 syns)
175ml Skimmed milk (0.5 HexA)

Total Syns: 4.5 syns

Right, Better go and get ready for work now! I shall quickly do a weigh in post first :D

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