Friday, 23 April 2010

Day 17

I went shopping tonight to 3 different supermarkets and i've still got 2 more to go to at some point over the weekend!

Morrisons - SAUSAGES! mmmmm got some fruit and chickeny stuff too, not much else, I don't like morrisons much, so I tend not to frequent it. I therefore bought 3 packs of sausages, one for the fridge and 2 for the freezer!

Aldi - SUPER 6!! Mmmmm pineapple is only 69p!! got 2 of those (I love love LOVE pineapple!) and grapes were also 69p! amazing! I was hoping to get some lamb shanks in redwine sauce but they don't seem to sell them anymore, just the mint ones and i'm really not a fan of minty things. Never mind!

Tesco - I really only went in here to get little brown rolls, but they didn't have any! Hunners and hunners of white ones, but no brown *sigh* I shall try the Tesco extra next to my work if i'm near it over the weekend. What I DID get though, was Diet coke, 6 pack, BOGOF. So, 12 cans for £2.85. Not tooooo bad! Also, they have 2.5kg of white potatoes for £1.

Tomorrow I plan to cut the grass and the hedge since it looks like it's going to be our only nice day all weekend! Sunday is Quireboys day. I'm actually really looking forward to this gig. It's an acoustic set so it should be nice and relaxed, and hopefully we'll get to chat to the guys again. For anyone new that's reading and doesn't know, The Quireboys played at our wedding in a totally flukey stroke of luck! They happened to be staying in the same hotel and heard we were having a "rawk wedding" and popped in. Anyway, we've been to see them since and we chatted to them then. As a result of the gig on sunday, we'll be going out for food. Thankfully I got to choose where we're going so I chose Tony Macaroni's (as per my previous post!) so i'm looking forward to that too!

So anyway, today in food:


Porridge (HexB)
175ml Skimmed Milk (0.5 HexA)


left over paella (2.5 syns - chorizo)


baby carrots


chicken & bacon pate
4.5 Crackerbreads (4.5 syns)
tiiiiiiiiiiny bit of cinnemon & raisin cake ~ 20g(2.5 syns)

Total: 9.5

I was going to have some highlights later tonight, but since i'm now trying to stick to 10 syns a day, I don't think I can. I may just have some warm milk with the remainder of my milk allowance.

ITS THE WEEEEEEEEEEEEKEEEEEND! Yass! have a nice one folks!

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