Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Day 14

I can't seem to shake this tiredness recently! I was so shattered yesterday I could hardly string a sentence together!

I did, however, manage to fling together some cous cous cake.... I was intrigued after hearing so much about it, so I decided that a toffee and chocolate cake was in order..... It was quite strange, not quite what I expected, but strangely nice all the same. It turned out as a cross between a sort of jelly and a rice pudding. I think i'd probably put more sweetener in it the next time, I found it a wee bit bland. Still, it was a nice snack. I plan to make a lemon one next!

So, on with the diary:

Day 14:


Porridge (HexB)
175ml Skimmed Milk (0.5 HexA)


Baked Potato
2 Ex. light laughing cow
3 chicken drumsticks


SW chicken tikka masala


Cous cous cake (0.5 syns)
1 jumbo caramel snack a jack (2.5 syns)
Muller light

It was funny yesterday at lunch time, one of the other girls I go to lunch with is on Weight watchers, and was saying "oh my lunch is completely free on my plan" and she had a plate full of veggies, then I sat down and said "well this is my completely free lunch". They wouldn't believe me! I love this diet! I just said "well, it's working, so i think i'll just stick with it" ;) hehe

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