Friday, 30 April 2010

Day 23

Yesterday was all well and good.... until my mother in law came over! she brought malteasers with her! I left them in the kitchen unopened whilst we sat in the livingroom chatting.... I was happy with this, they weren't opened and I could forget they were there. Except she kept referencing them and asking how many syns were in one, and then saying "oh that's such a waste of syns!" (personally I don't think so if you've not had chocolate all week and you've only used 2 syns that day, it's an indulgence!) So finally she asked me to *double check* that there was half a syn in one. I HAD TO OPEN THE BAG! Argh! So we worked out there were 34 syns in a bag, and there were 68 malteasers in the bag. Easy. 1/2 a syn each. I was right, shock horror!
So then we had to eat some of them. So since i'd only used 2 syns yesterday, I decided to have 8 of them - my goodness they were good! I've not had any chocolate for over a week, so this was like heaven on my tongue. Thankfully Hubby came home at that point and scoffed the rest so I wouldn't be tempted. How thoughtful of him!

Anyway, the food diary!


porridge (HexB)
175ml skimmed milk (0.5 HexA)


Baked potato
3 laughing cow (0.5 hex A)


Turkey chilli (1 syn for chorizo)
potato wedges

1 mini meringue nest (1 syn)
8 malteasers (4 syns)
a few pecan nuts (4 syns)

Total syns: 10

Really I shouldn't have bothered with the pecans, I didn't realise they were that many syns, but it's done now and i've been good all week.

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