Saturday, 24 April 2010

Day 18

SO, I've been looking forward to today ALL WEEK, mainly because I can have eggs and bread and sausages for breakfast/lunch!!! :D I love the weekend! I spend all week eating porridge because i'm unable to make eggs at work (and i'd probably get frowned at eating them at my desk), so I lonnnnnnnng for my weekends and the scrummy food I can have to eat! NOM!

So here it is, my most delicious and almost SYN-FREE (1.5 for the marg) breakfast, and it was AMAZING! mmmmmmmmmmm

I also took a photo of my yummy scrummy paella I made the other night. It would be syn-free, but i love my chorizo too much to give it up so it's 2.5 syns per 1/4.

Right, It's a beautiful day outside, so i'm off out into the garden to cut the hedge!

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