Friday, 30 April 2010

Day 24 - can't stop eating day!

I was fine until I left work! i'd been good and had only used 2 of my syns, however between 6.30pm and now i've used 9! *sigh* but they were worth it, and they kept me away from the chocolate which would have been a WHOLE load worse! I do think i've eaten too much pasta today though :s here's what i've had:


porridge (HexB)
175ml skimmed milk (0.5 HexA)


Tomato & herb pasta n sauce
cold cooked chicken breast


marshall's cheesey macaroni
steam fresh veg


1 caramel jumo snack a jack (2.5 syns)
1 pack of chilli snack a jacks (5.5 syns)
2 mini meringues (2 syns)
12g light squirty cream (1 syn)
a few frozen raspberries

I also intend to have a hot chocolate later with the remainder of my milk allowance so another 2 syns there.

Total syns:13 syns

My problem was that instead of going home straight from work and making dinner, I went to Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys. By the time I got out of sainsburys i felt like I was going to faint and the only thing i had that was conveniently edible RIGHT THEN was a packet of snack a jacks! So I munched on them in the car, then when I got home, I was going to have eggs & quorn sausages, but I couldn't have waited for them to cook, so I threw together some cheesey pasta and stirred in some steam fresh veg and scoffed it. THEN, i'd been looking forward to my SW pavlova ALL DAY so decided to have that too. Now i'm suitably satisfied i'm going to veg in front of the TV. ITS FRIIIIIIIDAAAAAAY!

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