Friday, 23 April 2010

Dilemma - part 2 - the solution!

Right, since I couldn't really see anything in that restaurant that a)looked appatising and b) I could eat without using a weeks worth of syns, we're oging to go here instead:

I've decided i'm going to have:
Starter : Prosciutto Caprese (my fave bruchetta without the bread! AND a HexA - so nice and free!)
Main: King prawns in a tomato & chilli sauce - going to ask them to hold the oil - so either free or minimal syns! YAS!
Pudding: Since it's owned by Nardinis (yes we were there 2 weeks ago :p) and I know their sorbets are fat free, and yummy! I'll have a scoop of lemon sorbet! Nom nom nom! a few syns, but not detrimental! WOO HOO!

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