Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Day 15

The cous cous cake appears to be hubby's new favourite snack! I've just been badgered into making another one! So this time I made a blueberry one with fat free blueberry yogurt. It's YUM!

Tomorrow i'm going to try making syn free chicken pate....I bought a mini food processor especially, so it better work!!

So today went a bit like this:

porridge (hexB)
175ml skimmed milk (0.5 HexA)


baked potato
2 Ex. Light laughing cow (0.5 HexA) (third used later)
chicken drumsticks


SW spaghetti Bolognese
24g red. fat cheese (3.5 syns)


2 pieces of Couscous cake (1 syns)
muller light
1 ryvita (part of HexB)
1 Ex Light laughing cow (to make up 0.5 HexA)

Total Syns: 4.5

I felt like I haven't stopped eating today! I'm convinced I havent lost this week, I feel like i've eaten waaay to much to have lost weight! We shall see!

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